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Member Accomplishments

A club is only as strong as its members.  Bushkill is fortunate to have a small group of very devoted members that contribute their time, knowledge, and friendship to those interested in training their pointing dogs.  Accomplishments of our members are a direct result of their time, effort, and the sometimes endless energy they have put into the success of their dogs. 
Members are welcome to email a photo and short write up to the webmaster for submission on this page -

Jyn - Steve Skoranski - 2023


Steve ran in his first Invitational in Sept 2023 with his dog Jyn. They came home as NAVHDA Versatile Champions.

Congratulations to the Skoranksi Family!


Emma & Maggie - Rick & Michele - 2023


Taking one dog to the Invitational and passing is a feat in itself. Taking two is just impressive. Congratulations to Rick and Michele and their two new VC's!


Creed - Jake Bartells/Clyde Vetter - 2023


Jake handled Creed for Clyde Vetter in the 2023 Invitational.


Congratulations to the Vetter Family on yet another VC!


Zeus & Rush - Jake & Brooke Bartells - 2023


Brooke and her dog Rush along with Jake and his dog Zeus earned their NAVHDA UT1 title in Aug of 2023 with the St. Croix NAVHDA Chapter.

They are Invitational bound in 2024!


Billy - Joe Hunt - 2019


Joe & Billy ran at the 2019 NAVHDA Invitational in Sept.  They earned 200pts and became a Versatile Champion.

Congratulations to the Hunt Family!


Gillie - Jake Bartells - 2019


Gillie was trained and handled by Jake in the 2019 Invitational.  She is owned by Chuck and Martha of California.

Gillie had a great day and earned her NAVHDA Versatile Champion title in September of 2019 at the Buckeye Chapter in Ohio.

Congratulations to Chuck and Martha on their VC!


Gage - Jake & Kim Bartells - 2016


Jake & Gage trained hard for much of 2016 to tackle the Invitational in September out in Iowa.  The team pulled off a 193 PASS to add the VC title to Gages name.


Karen & Kali - 2013


The end of the 2013 training season brought a great accomplishment to Karen & her German Shorthaired Pointer, Kali.  They tested at the Natural Ability level and acheived a 112/112 max. score!


Congratulations to them both!  Now, it's on to Utility!


Tucker & Kevin Montalto - 2012


In the fall of 2012, Kevin & his Brittany, Tucker, tested at the Utility Level at Del Val NAVHDA.

At the end of the day a 204/204 point max score was awarded.

This is quite the accomplishment and we at Bushkill are very proud of Kevin & Tucker.


Holden & Charlie Stoll - 2012


In the fall of 2012, Charlie and his Llwellin Setter, Holden, tested at the Utility level at Del Val NAVHDA.

They were awarded a Prize II.

Congratulations to Charlie & Holden!


Ellie & Jake Bartells - 2011

Jake and his Epagneul Breton, Ellie, traveled to Ohio to compete at NAVHDA's highest level of testing - The Invitational.

We are happy to report that Ellie & Jake had a stellar day and earned a 200/200 point pass.


Joe, Murphy & Connor


In 2011, Joe traveled to Ohio with his two GSP's, Murphy & Connor, for their shot at the NAVHDA Invitational.

Both dogs had stellar performances and came home VC's!

Murphy's accomplishments:                        Connor's accomplishments:
NA 112                                              NA 112
UT 204                                              UT 204
2011 Invitational VC (197)                     2011 Invitational VC (200)


Connor also received his AKC Master Hunter title.  He was able to complete the title by running only 7 times to get his 6 passes.  Great job!


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