2021 Schedule of Events

The training day form must be completed by the Saturday before the scheduled Monthly Training Day if you plan to attend one of our training days. In addition to being a current member, the Bushkill Chapter charges $5 per dog per monthly training to cover expenses such as permits and insurance. Payment for birds and handlers fees are expected at the beginning of the training day. If you order birds and then do not attend training, you will still be billed for the birds you ordered.

**Training Fees can be paid via CHECK or PAYPAL.  Cash will no longer be accepted.  If paying via PayPal, please send your payment to bushkillnavhda@gmail.com**


*VOLUNTEERS NEEDED TO PICK UP BIRDS* Volunteers are always needed to pick up birds.  We get pigeons from Powderbourne (Quakertown Area); chukar from Trace (Boyertown Area) or Novak (Quakertown Area).  Pheasant/Quail can be difficult to come by during summer, but Trace (Boyertown Area) occassionally has them during March and April.  All orders will be called in for you to pick up.  You will be reimbursed for bird expense the morning of the event.  You must provide your own ducks.  If we have no volunteers to pick up birds, then you must also provide your own birds.


All trainings will begin at 7:30am.  They will last until mid-late afternoon depending on turnout.  We will break for lunch.  Please note that dates are subject to change, so please check back often.  For directions to certain training grounds, please visit our directions page.

**You cannot order birds and train your dog at a training day without mailing your membership and release forms in prior.**


All training's will begin at 7:30 am.  Please get there a little early to pay and pick up bird order. 
Please be sure to bring your own bird crate/bag to store your birds for the day.

Training Days

Club Events

March 13          SGL 205 Fogelsville     |  Register by March 6th

April 10          Nockamixon State Park     |   Register by April 3rd


May 8th                  Nockamixon State Park      |   Register by May 1st


May 15th      Nockamixon State Park      |   SPRING NA TEST

June 12        Field:  SGL 205 Fogelsville      |   Register by June 5th

                                                  Water: Wildfowl Pond SGL 56

July 17               Field: Nockamixon State Park   |     Register by July 10th 

                                                 Water: Wildfowl Pond SGL 56

August 14            Field: Nockamixon State Park      |     Register by Aug 7th

                                                 Water: Wildfowl Pond SGL 56

 May 15th - Natural Ability Test - Nockamixon State Park